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Let’s get… as physical as we can get while talking about fitness? Mel Maltby and Matt Thomas asked questions about Fitness and exercising that survey responders answered. The questions were, “Was improving your fitness a New Years resolution for 2020?”, “How important is a healthy diet compared to regular exercise?”, and “How do you prefer to exercise?” Have a listen as they share the fitness journeys of complete strangers as well as their own. Time to get motivated… or eat another slice of cake… porque no los dos?

Full Interview w/ Ashe_Media Survey Says

With the recent obsession with Tik Tok brewing from COVID forcing us to stay inside our homes, many people started posting videos for the hell of it and gaining million of views and tens-of-thousands of followers from doing so. Ashe_Media (Liam) is one of the guys who has reached the status ‘Tik Tok Famous’. He’s been recognised on the streets from his 15 second videos reviewing cake mixes from Woolworths, and has had articles posted about said cake mix reviews. Matt and Mel had the pleasure of interview him for the post recent episode on Online Influencers, and asked him about his life since “blowing up” on Tik Tok, and what he thinks about the online community.
  1. Full Interview w/ Ashe_Media
  2. Online Influencers (feat. Ashe_Media)
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. Coffee
  5. Single vs Relationships

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